Varmeapparat 5,2Kw, 278 mm.

Varmeapparat 5,2Kw, 278 mm.

Varmeapparat 4,4 Kw, 270 mm.

kr 2 490,00 kr 1 992,00


Here’s an even more compact version of our popular heater. Only 10½" (270mm) wide x 4½" (127mm) high x 7½" (190mm) front to back. And still with a massive maximum heat output of 4.3KW!! - enough for a 4-seat saloon.

Simple plumbing - 15mm inlet and outlet. High efficiency copper core matrix with aluminium fins. Two speed, double squirrel-cage fan with 450mm fly leads Supplied with wiring, connectors, in-line fuse and rotary control switch.

Multiple mounting options -horizontal, vertical or on it’s side. Easy to mount with simply-fabricated brackets. Can be used alone or fitted with our plenum for air distribution to cabin, dash and screen as required. All this, weighing-in at less than 2Kg!!

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